Which cosmetic pouch do you prefer?

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Which Cosmetic pouch?

  1. Poche Toilette 19

  2. Pochette Cosmétique

  3. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which do you like better? Or if you have a favorite other than these 2 what is it?

    Poche Toilette:


    Pochette Cosmetique:

  2. I just got the mini pochette accessories to use as a cosmetic bag and I love it. I also had in the past the pochette cosmetique and loved that too!
  3. I totally reckon that the Pochette Cosmétique is great!!! but i had to pass my on... maybe one day i'll get another one... hehehe!
  4. I forgot the mini pochette accessories! That one is SO cute! I love the chain.

  5. The pochette cosmetique is TDF!!!
  6. I voted other only because I would vote for the larger size pochet toilette. I have the 26 and it fits everything I need. I just toss it into any of my larger handbags and totes and run.l
  7. I prefer the toilette, the shape is just more appealing personally.
  8. Other, mini pochette accessories for me. Screams I can use this for more than one purpose.
  9. I love the pochette cosmetique. :love:
  10. I purchased the Pochette Cosmetique to carry in my purse but find that it's too big for what I carry.... I prefer carrying my mono mini Trousse Ronde. My make up at home is housed in the vintage Pochette Demi Ronde. It's shaped like a half moon or crescent. It is very nice.
  11. I voted for other, pochette accessories. Love it in my speedy, very roomy.
  12. I have the Poche Toilette 19 and love it! I think the shape of the cosmetique is prettier, but the toilette fits better into my bags.
  13. I prefer the Pochette Cosmetique. :yes:

  14. Me too! I am in love with that shape. :love:

  15. i totally agree!:yes::love:
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