Which cosmetic case?

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  1. Hello LoVely tPFers,
    I have been looking at my little collection of SLG's and have decided that I really love everything with the exception of my TP #19 (not pictured). Although practical, it just looks sort of blah to me now. So.... I have decided to replace it with a new cosmetic case and would love to get some opinions from the experts!;)

    I feel like I have enough in the mono canvas. I am considering the Pomme Vernis, Orient Empreinte, DE canvas, or the black MC. I enjoy a pop of color and am not really into matching everything perfectly. Reds and pinks are my favorite! TIA for your opinions!

    For reference, here is a picture of my SLG's:

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  2. I vote for empreinte orient, I love pop colors too :smile:
  3. I would do MC or Vernis Rose Indien
  4. I thought of the MC only because I love the hot pink lining AND I don't have anything in this print ~ thanks!
  5. This one is SOOO pretty! I love the Empreinte leather, too ~ it would be really durable in a cosmetic case I think.
  6. Got mine two weeks ago and I can't bear to use it yet. But I keep smelling it. LOL!
  7. Empreinte cosmetic case!!!
  8. Haha... seems to be a common phenomenon.... :lol:
    Which one did you get? My curieuse wallet has held up really well, so don't be afraid to use your cosmetic pouch!

    Also, do you know if the RI Vernis cosmetic case glazed with black rather than pink? I thought I remembered this for some reason.
  9. Have you been using yours much? I think that the Orient is being phased out.... it is no longer on-line.
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    I haven't used mine yet! The orient would be a nice pop of color...I don;t know if you would have chipping issues with the MC and I'm not a fan of the vernis cosmetic pouches...I didn't realize Orient was being discontinued.....I think it would look nice with your noir speedy!
  11. That is what I was thinking...:graucho:

    I just called the 866 # and apparently there are only about a dozen in the Orient left in the country! If this info. is correct, I will have to make a decision soon!

    My only concern with the MC is that is would get tired of it. I have seen mixed reviews on the chipping issue.
  12. I read they were discontinuing aube too....I would definitely go with Orient!
  13. One more little bit of info. from the 866 # .... the woman with whom I spoke said that she does not see anything about new colors coming out in the emp. cosmetic case. Hopefully they will not discontinue it.... such a durable leather, seems like it would be perfect for a daily-use piece!
  14. There is another recent post of a orient cosmetic pouch reveal. There are pics with a mono bag and noir epi bag..It looks really nice with both. it will give you an idea of what it will look like with different bags..
  15. Mc!