Which cosmetic case to get??? Please vote!

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Which cosmetic case to get????

  1. Poche Toilette 19

  2. Pochette Cosmetique

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  1. Ok, I've been wanting a LV cosmetic case for a loooooooong time now! But which one to get????

    If you have one of these, please tell me which one you have and if you like it. Does it fit nicely in a speedy? Also, how much does it fit? I usually carry a small lotion, mirror, two lip balms, lip gloss, lipstick, a small pack of tissues, and a few band-aids.

    So, which one???

    (1) Poche Toilette 19 in mono (not sure why the pic is so blurry!)


    (2) Pochette Cosmetique in mono


    THANK YOU!!!!!
  2. I like the rounded shape of the Cosmétique. I think it's cuter and less harsh :amuse:
  3. Pochette Cosmetique , I think it will fit perfectly inside speedy due to it's rounded shape
  4. The Cosmetique Fits A Little More....But, Poche Toilette Fits Easier In Most Bags.....I Do Love Both! This Is My Own Experience. I Use The Poche Toilette Daily.
  5. Poche Toilette, i adore this case its so gorgous i have never liked the cosmetique, its more structured and i dont know i love it so much more plus this was a tip on the old lv site the Poche Toilette can also double up as a night clutch if your on holidays and want to pack light!!! the Cosmetique just screams cosmatics/makeup case and you wont have this option!
  6. I prefer the cosmetique because it has such a gorgeous shape and the larger zipper makes it easier to access the contents.
  7. I voted for #2.
  8. I would definately go for the Pochette Cosmetique, because I like the shape of it more than the square-ish Poche Toilette.
  9. I have the pochette cosmetique. I love it.
  10. I voted for the pochette cosmetique coz I prefer the rounded shape a little better. But I quite like the other one as well, lol! Am I helping?? I guess, either one is fine:smile:)
  11. pochette cosmetique
  12. I originally bought the toilette 15 and ended up returning it for the cosmetique. The T15 is smaller and doesn't hold as much. The cosmetique fits perfectly in by bags and doesn't bulge like the 15 did when filled.
  13. I like the cosmetique, the shape is nicer. Good luck with your purchase!
  14. I vote for the Toilette 19, I like the squareish shape :smile:
  15. ^ same everyone is Toilette 19 but i adore it and i said before it can double up as a clutch as well which is great for holidays!!! so huge push on the Toilette 19 from me