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  1. Ok, I wanted a LV cosmetic case for a looooong time now. But which one to get???

    If you have either one of these, please let me know if you like it and if it fits nicely in a speedy. Also, how much does it fit? I usually carry a small lotion, mirror, two lip blams, lip gloss, lipstick, a small pack of tissues and some band-aids.

    Thank you!

    (1) Poche Toilette 19 (not sure why the pic is so blurry!)

    (2) Pochette Cosmetique
  2. Go for #2!!!:heart:
  3. #2!! It's so much cuter!
  4. #2 hands down!
  5. 2! I'm planning on getting that one too!
  6. I have the pochette cosmetique. I Love it. In it I fit a powder compact, lipstick, lipliner, concealer, pillbox, sm.bottle of purell, pk. of gum.
  7. i have Pochette Cosmetique and i totally love it! it fits everything in it and then some!!!
  8. I like #2 in Damier!
  9. I have the 1st one, and it's great. It's narrow at the top, and more wider towards the bottom. I fit 2 compacts, 3 eye shawdows, 2 lip glosses, eye liners, and still there's plenty of room left.
  10. #2
  11. I have #1 and it sits very nice and straight up in all my bags.
  12. Thank you for your help! I think I am going to go with #2!!!! I need a new cosmetic case!

    I am sorry for posting this thread three times...my computer likes to play games with me. Please delete two of them. Sorry for causing all this trouble!

    Thanks again!
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