Which cosmetic bag do you like? (Pics)

  1. It would be going in my Kooba Brynne in Oak, pictured below:


    Cosmetic bag #1


    Cosmetic bag #2


    Thanks girls.
  2. i like the LeSportsac one better
  3. #1 is a nice match
  4. I prefer the lesportsac as well...which is strange for me...:smile:
  5. I put in a clearer pic of 2nd choice ...

    Thanks girls!
  6. I like #2, but then #1 has an outside pocket...it's tough!

    It seems like #2 is roomier...

    Good Luck!
  7. Lesportsac, especially since it has the outside pocket.
  8. I like #1. It's more colorful and fun.
  9. For the most part I don't like Vera Bradley but I think that this cosmetic bag would be a great asset! The brown in the leaf is a perfect match.
  10. No: 2 is nice-looking.
  11. 1
  12. I would go with the LeSportsac. :rolleyes:
  13. Thank you ladies! I love both but #1 intrigues me a bit more I think based on the fun factor.
  14. the one passerby post is cute !