which concert should i go to?

  1. rockstar taste of chaos (in which i will be able to see 30 seconds to mars - :love: jared leto) or my chemical romance (my current favorite band).
    Tickets for both are fairly cheap, so $ is not a problem. However, my hubby only wants to see one of them. He is not too into this type of music as I am.
    Tickets go on sale tomorrow so I really need some opinions between now and tomorrow morning.
  2. I think I'd go with my chemical romance, since it is your favorite band. You might enjoy it more.
  3. OMG I adore 30 Seconds to Mars and LOVE Jared Leto. I vote for the Rockstar Taste of Chaos!
  4. anybody been to either one? i think it is a part of a tour around the country, so both of them might have played somewhere else ?

    Syntagma, I also have loved Jared Leto.... maybe since I was 15. When he used to be in one of those teen movies back in the days.....
  5. 30 seconds to mars puts on an AWESOME show!!!

    and as much as i love my chemical romance...i was disappointed in the show i saw.

  6. really? did you go see 30 seconds to mars stand alone concert (not a part of taste of chaos)? I just saw 30 seconds to amrs concert clip on youtube, and jared looks super hot there.. damn....
    The only thing that makes me not sure about the taste of chaos is that... I dont know the other bands who are playing.

    Why were you dissapointed in my chemical romance's concert?
  7. oohh... also, kallison, did you go see my checmical romance concert from their old album, or the black parade?
  8. i was 30stm at a standalone concert about, oh, a year ago?

    and mcr, i saw with the tour for 'three cheers'. it wasn't a bad concert, necessarily...i just think they sound better on cd, you know? don't get me wrong, it was a fun concert- and, depending on how much tix are, it's worth it, ESPECIALLY if they're your current fave band.
  9. as for taste of chaos...first off, TOTALLY worth it to just see jared...second, the used and senses fail are there and they're two other bands i love. it should be a good show! you'll get a chance to hear some good stuff!
  10. you saw them for 3cheers? I wanted to see them on that tour. I bought the tix. Everything all lined up then they cancelled it :cursing: . I was so angry....

    Anyways, thanks for your insight... :yes:
  11. dang, that sucks!

    i remember i had tickets to see u2 (i literally emptied out my bank account to see them) and then i ended up in the hospital the night before! i don't think i ever cried so hard in my life!

    anyways, go see who you LOVE. if you're bummed about only loving 30stm, go see mcr! you won't have fun otherwise.
  12. kallison... it seems like you like the same type of music as I do. I wish i lived closer to you. Nobody I know in here likes this type of music.
  13. nobody does here, either! i've been told, multiple times, that i listen to "devil music"...(go figure). oh, yay, for living in the bible belt and loving alt rock...

    i've had to travel for most of my concerts, so i could meet up with friends there!
  14. I recently saw 30 Seconds to Mars, and they were HORRIBLE, in my opinion. But in a fun, cheesy way. I have never seen My Chemical Romance, but if they're your favorite band, go see them!
  15. really?! wow! i loved em!