Which combo do you like better?


Which combo do you like?

  1. Rosewood-Pomme & Reade PM-Amarante

  2. Rosewood-Amarante & Reade PM-Pomme

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  1. I already paid for my Rosewood in Pomme, but I haven't picked it up yet. It's the Amarante that I originally waitlisted for. I'd like a handheld/shoulder bag combination. So, Rosewood-Pomme & Reade PM- Amarante or Rosewood-Amarante & Reade PM-Pomme?
  2. Combo #1 gets my vote. :tup:
  3. If I gotta choose, go with rosewood pomme and reade amarante. Only coz every time you open the zipper of the rosewood you put fingerprints on that bag. At least with the reade you just dig in and no need to touch the sides, eh?
  4. Number One for me too:tup:
  5. I think the Reade PM in pomme was what really made me consider getting a bag in red Vernis. And after seeing rileygirl's Amarante Rosewood Ave pics I really like it :tup: I think this bag would look much better in Amarante...plus since it's a shoulder bag you won't be handling it as much, leaving less fingerprints?
  6. I like the second combination. :yes:
  7. Number 1!x
  8. First choice!
  9. Yikes, this is getting harder for me. :p I usually decide pretty quickly. The fingerprint marks seem to be an issue. I'll have to check out an Amarante real soon.

    Hokugirl, I get what you mean about not touching the sides of the Reade PM.

    Karman, It's true also that I touch a shoulder bag much less.

    I just can't bring myself to get 2 Rosewoods although I like both and the Roxbury Drive is too similar imo.
  10. honestly, you cannot go wrong with either combo! go with your gut! :biggrin:
  11. Nakolulu, my gut likes to get me in trouble!;):p
  12. the second option, for me!
  13. Combo #2 gets my vote, the Pomme is so sassy it will look very cute in the Reade.
  14. my vote goes to #1.
  15. #1