Which colour?

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  1. IMG_2211.PNG IMG_2210.PNG Hi everyone. Can you help me to choose between 2 colours green or deep blue Dionysus small shoulder bag please. Which colour will be last long?
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  2. The first one.
  3. Both are beautiful. I love the green, but I would get more use out of the blue.
  4. blue
  5. Green
  6. I think you should get the navy one. It is very classic like but still has a unique deep blue colour. It will be very easy to match with a lot of outfits and very versatile like black. Green is so gorgeous too, but I’d chose navy first if you want the bag for long term.
  7. I would go with green ☺️
  8. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinion,I will go with blue one.
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  10. I am loving the blue! :heart: