Which colour shoe cream to use please?

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  1. Hello! I have a taupe Freya bag that needs some TLC on the corners.
    I managed to use just the Collonil cream on the corners of my blue TESSIE tote, and it worked well using the basic gel with a tiny drop of navy but wondered if anyone has tried any of the coloured creams, either this brand or another make, on their taupe leather?
    Any comments, help, advice, appreciated please!
  2. Hi Gilly,
    Just noticed no one had responded to this and if too late, apologies. I used the Collonil Taupe cream once to touch up some rubbing on interior of a purse (Nappa leather, I believe) and it did a nice job "muting" the marks if that makes sense, but they're still there, just not as noticeable. A function of the leather, I think. Used the cream straight up, not diluted. Freya is Soft Grainy leather, isn't it, so cream may work better on that. Worth a try :flowers: