Which colour rockstud caged flats?

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Which colour caged flats?

  1. Noir

  2. Poudre

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi everyone!
    I have a dilemma, I recently just purchased the Valentino noir caged flats but I also liked the poudre ones! I tend wear a lot of leggings year-round and in the summer sometimes I like to wear light colored dresses as well.
    Should I get poudre caged flats or keep the black caged flats??

    I thought to myself: black flats I can probably wear for all three seasons except winter but I don't know if I will be able to poudre the nude flats for fall because my outfits tend to be like this: black peacoat + black leggings + black bag.
  2. Theyre so different, but if I had to choose, I'd pick black, and save $ for the poudre.
  3. I'd agree that the black would probably work best, but the poudre are pretty fabulous too.
  4. I like the poudre because I have so many black flats. The poudre color is pretty unique to Valentino to me.
  5. I vote for poudre :smile: but they're both irresistible !!
  6. Hi guys thanks for all of your opinions!! [emoji4]
    I ended up exchanging the noir flats for a pair of poudre kitten heels instead! The caged flats were so uncomfortable on me.

  7. Definitely the nude one! DAMN, I really want it! Not a huge fan of the black one though..
  8. great choice.the color looks perfect on you.:tup: the poudre is on my next rockstud list after my red kitten rockstuds.

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