>< Which colour? Red or Grey Croc?

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Red or Grey Croc

  1. Red

  2. Grey Croc

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I couldn't decide which colour to get, I need some advice.

    :smile: Red or Grey croc?


  2. It really depends on your wardrobe. I voted red, but only because that would work best with my wardrobe (I have a lot of striped and printed things, and the croc would look busy to me with prints).
  3. I have the red and I love it. Such a great pop of color with so many outfits.
  4. ^ Thanks for the advice. I think both colours would work with my wardrobe, thats why I'm having such a hard time deciding.
  5. absolutely red!! So adorable!
  6. PS I will add that I have gotten so many compliments whenever I carry the red. You won't go wrong, but I prefer the red.
  7. Voted grey croc because the red looks quite plain to me. And since you said both would work with your wardrobe... :P If the red was redder, I would vote red!
  8. Please keep voting~ I'm still deciding. But I think I'm leaning towards the red ;)
  9. Red! A pop of color that is quite versatile to wear. :smile:
  10. Red +1
  11. red!
  12. Red! Gorgeous pop of colour! If it is anything like the shade of my Antigona it is much redder in real life than in photos - a fire engine bright red rather than pinky red.
  13. Grey croc
  14. red, red, red LOL!!!
  15. Grey Croc - I love the detail.