which colour? please vote for me =)))

  1. i had been going through this for the longest time.......... i bought the miumiu bow bag but the thing now is, should i keep the black or the alumino one?
    i wear lotsa jeans and basically lighter colours.
    please do a vote for me?
    i need to decide soon to make sure that there are any alumino ones left.
    its sucha bother!!!!
    thank you all tpf babes !!!!:flowers:
  2. If alumino is that pearlish gray color, that's what I vote for. I think it's such a great color and would go great with your wardrobe.
  3. Another vote for alumino.
    It is a neutral color, so it would go with most of the outfits. I used to think it's summer bag, but I saw a girl carrying it last weekend, and it looked great in winter as well.
  4. Miu Miu comes up with these great seasonal colours that are really pretty. You should get the allumino, you wont regret it because you'd be admiring it all the time. Trust me I know because I once faced the same dilemma as you and I got the smoked grey :love:
  5. thank you for all great suggestions! so far 3 votes for alumino and none for black =)
    alumino it shall be and i will definately post pics when it arrive, may take a few days though because the sa did mention that the alumino needs to be shipped from another store.
  6. allumino. I've seen it in IRL, and it's lovely!
  7. my vote goes to allumino grey
  8. ANOTHER VOTE FOR allumino grey :biggrin: It's a very RARE color. Black is never sold out. SO GET THE ALLUMINO ONE! Show us pictures after :biggrin: