Which colour paddington do you all prefer?


Which colour?

  1. Roche

  2. Galet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey there all!

    I'm looking to make my first paddington purchase and reaaally love the silver hardware! What colour do you all like best and why out of:

    * Roche (dark brown)

    * Galet (light beige/grey)
  2. Boy that's a tough one! But I think I like the Galet! Maybe because it's more summery and I have spring fever?
  3. Roche....but isn't it more kind of stone grey? I haven't heard of roche being similar to brown or with a brown shade...I wonder :confused1:
  4. Hmm...ok...well, anyway. I like the roche color very much :yes:
  5. I'm leaning more towards the roche too, for some reason I just prefer a darker coloured bag....but the galet is sooooo pretty!

    Any more opinions girls? :heart:
  6. I love the silver hardware too, and I prefer the Galet
  7. Honestly I prefer brown tones..

    Anyway I vote for Roche!!! :yes:
  8. I would definitely choose Roche as dark color's lifespan is longer (to me:p)
    The leather is also more pebbly and smooshy on this Roche paddy here.... gorgeous!:love:
  9. Voted for Galet :smile: such a pretty color!
  10. I love Roche but the Galet is nice too. Hard choice, I vote Roche only because you can get more use out of it.
  11. Galet vote here, I think this bag is more practical for summer wear, but is dark enough to use all season round. Its nice, l like it alot :biggrin:
  12. I love the galet! Very subtly glamorous
  13. In australia, we're just heading into winter! haha :smile: