Which colour of the Chanel Melrose satin cabas better? Need your advices~

  1. Hi Ladies, I've just compare both colour of the melrose satin cabas, which colour will your girls vote for?

    p.s. I have a coco cabas in black vinyl already

    here is the navy blue colour:


    here is the black colour:


    plz help me to choose~ thanks
  2. navy! goes so well with jeans and cute dresses... the black one is a little more dressy plus you already have a black vinyl cabas... so it's navy for me for sure ;)
  3. I think the navy looks more luxurious :heart::heart::heart:
  4. oooh!! both are really beautiful...:drool:

    i'd have to vote for the navy though. it's different...:girlsigh:
  5. I've seen both IRL and I'd have to say navy. :yes:
  6. i might be biased but i like the black better. :smile: navy is harder for me to match cause i don't like my bags to match my jeans.. that being said, if you have a black vinyl coco cabas, navy would be better for you! :smile:
  7. Navy All The Way!!!
  8. The navy is extremely close to black in color, it just looks a bit lighter when the flash hits it. IRL, the navy is similar to the navy patent classic flap. In regular light, you can only barely tell it's navy, but the blue-ness really comes out with a camera flash.
  9. If you have a black already, go for navy~
  10. I like both but navy is my favourite!
  11. that's the point, i can't see any difference in the dark!
  12. Both are great, but I am loving the Navy.
  13. Navy! Navy! Navy!...I was just in the Palm Beach boutique and they had a pink one!
  14. i saw the navy today IRL and its gorgeous, you can definitely tell its blue and not black. By the way, i also saw the coral satin one which is so gorgeous i almost couldnt breathe................teehee.....
  15. Navy for sure ! since you already have black vinyl..:tup: