Which Colour of Céline Belt Bag Mini?

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  1. I have been browsing around for a while. I want to buy a bag that I can go to work with, as well as use it on casual days.

    I have finally decided to buy the Céline Belt Bag in mini size. But, unsure which colour I should get. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    I typically buy dark colour bags as I am very afraid of colour transfer and want something that’s low maintenance. I don’t want another black bag though.

    I wanted in the navy blue colour, but it seemed like it’s not available here. The navy blue colour shows on Céline’s website when it’s in Euro. But, the navy blue colour doesn’t show after I changed the currency.

    Thank you!
  2. I am going to get the grey colour in this size! I like the taupe but too light for everyday use, and like you I have too many black bags. Grey seems nice for a daily work bag.
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  3. That’s what I am eyeing too, grey colour :smile:. I was told by the SA that they have a burgundy too. So maybe that one? Not too sure yet. When are you getting yours?
  4. I graduate university in May, so was planning on getting it as a present for myself then. I might get it earlier if there are any rumors of it being discontinued. I'm always wary with Phoebe Philo's old designs. But it seems the Belt bag is still going strong.
  5. Congrats on your graduation! I heard about the rumours of it being discontinued too. But, I don’t think so. They still have them sitting on the shelf at the Céline store I visited. I wasn’t the only one who’s interested in the bag. I heard others asked about it too. I am contemplating whether I should buy it now or later. Nordstrom is doing a 5x points event now.
  6. Looking to get a new Belt Bag in either the Micro or Mini size. For reference, I'm 5'3" and have a few questions as there are no Celine's in my area so I would have to order online... and now I have an issue with color availability.

    I am interested in the Micro because of the size but it drives me bonkers that it doesn't come with feet! That is the primary reason I would consider getting the Mini, because I love bags that have feet and the ability to wear it cross-body (with the Micro) isn't a big deal to me and in fact I prefer a shoulder length strap (with the Mini). Weight is not a factor because I don't carry a ton in my bag.

    I am based in the US and the color I want is Navy Blue which is only available in the Micro size on Celine's US website. However, on Celine's France website they offer Navy Blue in the Mini. I have already confirmed that they will not ship this to the US. https://www.celine.com/fr-fr/celine-boutique-femme/sacs/belt-bag/sac-belt-mini-modele-en-veau-graine-189103ZVA.07OC.html

    Should I:
    1. Buy the Micro in Navy Blue now online paying full price (no tax in my state) as I'm concerned they will stop making the Belt Bag under Hedi in this color combo and cause I want the bag now lol.
    2. Buy the Mini in Navy Blue when I'm in Paris in February, with the VAT refund I would be saving $800... however I planned to get a Chanel in Paris and not sure how the husband would feel if I got two spendy purses (whereas I could space out the purchases now). Again my concern is by February will they get rid of the Belt Bag combo I'm looking for? Would I be settling getting the Micro size now instead of the Mini?
  7. 1. Depends on which size and colour you prefer. If you do prefer the mini size in navy blue, I’d say wait until you’re in France. My experience is that if I buy something that’s not truly what I love, but just because it’s what I can afford or available at the moment, I’d still eventually think about the original intended purchase. Then, I have to worry about how to sell the bag that I have now, which most likely I’ll have to sell for less than what I paid for. In my opinion, no bag truly holds its value, not even Chanel as it depends on the bag’s condition. Like you, I like the navy blue, which after much thought I’ll buy it next month during my travel.

    2. I can’t answer the husband’s feeling part, lol. Because my husband doesn’t care how many bags I buy, as long as I can afford it with my own money. I want to buy Chanel SLG during my travel next month too. Not good for my wallet. Lol. I’ll think about it. I can’t predict a company’s direction, but in my opinion, I don’t think they’ll get rid of the belt bag anytime soon.
  8. Thanks for the input! I for sure want Navy Blue. Size is hard to gauge without being able to try them on in person. Honestly if the Micro had "feet" I would likely go with that size and deal with the longer strap (even though preference is the Mini shoulder strap). But alas it doesn't so I'm playing the size vs. feet vs. strap length game. I don't sell my bags so this would be one to keep in my collection forever.

    I am looking to purchase a Chanel Mini Classic Flap in Paris though they are hard to come by and if isn't available would consider the M/L. Honestly my husband will let me do whatever I want but I don't know if I could reasonably get a Celine AND a M/L Flap in the same trip without feeling a little guilty about how much I'm spending. A mini Chanel and Celine seems easier to swallow :smile:.

    I think I will wait it out until Paris. Cause then I can try on the Micro and Mini and make my decision then with the colors hopefully available in both sizes (and save some $ from the VAT while I'm at it). And if they don't have Navy Blue for whatever reason, cross my fingers that I can still order it back home in the US. Let's just hope they keep producing the Belt Bag for a few more months!
  9. I don’t know your height. I chose to go with the mini because I had tried the micro in store. The strap is way too long for me, it looks awkward on me. Having the feet at the bottom helps, but if it looks awkward on me, then I won’t consider, even if it got feet at the bottom. Just personal preference :smile:.
  10. I am 5ft, 3 inches tall, so on the shorter side and assume the Micro strap will be too long on me as well. Seems like I am leaning towards the Mini with the shorter shoulder strap!

    Please keep me updated if you are able to purchase the Mini Belt Bag in Navy Blue when you travel next month and what store you visited. And if you hear anything from the SA's about the status of the Belt Bag availability in the future!
  11. Maybe I can help you. I am also 5'3''. I have the micro and the strap is not long if the bag is worn crossbody. If I wear the bag on my shoulder then it is long. I will post pictures, also I have a picture trying the mini size. I also think the micro looks big on me, but I liked the look of micro more then the nano when I bought the micro. Hope this helps.


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  12. Ines! Thank you so so much, this was incredibly helpful. May I ask if your Micro is in Grey or is it Clay? What season is it from? Celine's website only offers it in Grey currently but I know there have been some variations on this color in the past.
  13. FYI this thread was helpful to me too: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/help-me-choose-a-color-for-a-belt-bag.1000807/page-5
  14. My micro is the color grey that is always available, it is a darker grey. Clay is a beautiful color, but it was seasonal.
  15. Just my two cents as someone who got the Celine mini for work

    If you stuff it, it can barely fit A4 paper (with a bit of bending) with a soft folder. I personally wouldn't recommend using it with A4 paper. Just for those who might need to carry some paper around, and as a gauge to the size of the mini.

    Honestly I kind of regret not getting the Micro/Nano because this bag is absolutely enormous and once you start adding stuff in it, it gets really heavy. And because of how it is constructed, the bottom and the top part will sag with time - which is why I got a bag organiser, to keep it's shape. So far it's kept it's shape well. However, adding the weight of the bag PLUS the organiser PLUS your daily essentials (ie bottle, brolly, notebook, etc) it gets really heavy. Unless you are office based I wouldn't recommend this size at all. It also is a bulky bag, and if you are on public transport during peak hours be prepared to get it knocked about a bit.

    I've got the black version in pebbled leather and there are no transfers so far. I'm also about 5' 3" and it hangs exactly in the photo as posted by @Ines77.
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