Which colour Marcie Hobo?

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  1. image.png image.png I'm torn between beautiful grey and practical black ...can anyone weigh in on which I should go for?
  2. I like the grey but feel the black will be more practical if you wear a lot of dark colors and don’t baby your bags. I have the black and love it. Good luck deciding!
  3. In the regular Marcie I like black, but in the Marcie Hobo I think Grey looks really special.
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  4. The gray is gorgeous but if you're worried about color transfer, I would choose the equally beautiful black. I just bought this bag in the tan and I can't wait to wear it!
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  5. I think it depends on your collection. If you're prone to buying blacks and this bag sticks out to you in grey, go for the grey as it'll give you some variety. It's still a neutral and may be worn with a lot of different options.
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  6. Where did you get the tan from?
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    I bought it at Nordstrom but the Chloe boutique told me they will be carrying the tan and My Theresa also has the tan.
  8. Black definitely

  9. I did - three - two from Neiman - both returned - leather issues

    Tan from Nordstrom - returned - it was obviously a return - hair in dustbag and edging pulling apart from glazing

    I am still convinced I should order this bag - there is a tan on Mytheresa but I am scared to order from there based on the reviews

    I have two Marcie satchels - one in brown seed and one in anemone pink - I had a hobo long ago I returned - MISTAKE! So I feel this is an opportunity to replace but has Chloe quality declined?

    Also considered Gucci Ophidia bag...
    Thoughts anyone?
  10. I would go for the Grey one! the Details on the marcie bags are so lovely and you can see them so much better on every other colour than black!
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