Which colour is lapin?

  1. I have made a search and I don´t find it, I couldn´t find it either in the colour reference posts.
  2. could it be that u mean sapin?! which is a dark green colour I think..
    lapin means rabbit in french i think ;)
  3. Lapin does mean rabbit or hare in French. I haven't heard of it as a color name before, though some stores use their own name for colors (as I found when looking for anthracite - Saks and Nordstrom called it galet, which means pebble, and confused the heck out of me.) If it is something that a store is using as a name, I would think it would be a brown or greyish color.

    I also think you might be thinking of sapin, as Oula said. It's a dark green that you can see on the swatches here: http://forum.purseblog.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=191723&d=1181095021
  4. Sapin.......that's what I thought too. Love that color!!:tup:
  5. ^^^ Yes, if it's Sapin, it's a great color. Here's a picture of a Work in Sapin.
  6. Yup, as what the rest of the posters have said, could it have been SAPIN?