which colour is better for 1st bal bag?

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  1. Hi everyone
    I want to buy my 1st bal city bag. which color is better: 2010 outremer or 09raisin?
    thanks :biggrin:
  2. I guess it depends on what you like wearing?, I would personally choose the outremer because I am in love with that color. :heart: but it seems as if the Olive would match more outfits, but like I said earlier- it truly depends on your style... Good luck choosing! :balloon:
  3. I think they are both great colors! I kinda think of raisin as more colder weather color and outremer as more warmer, tho rules are meant to be broken!
  4. I think it depends on your personality. The outremer is more daring, youthful and fun...for warmer weather. The raisin to me is more conservative for some reason...they are right, for cooler weather. I would personally go for the outremer:smile: My first one was a Giant city poupre09...I love it! and I get so many complements on the color. I think the bag attracts more attention when it's an unusual brighter color...that's why I suggest you get the outremer:smile:
  5. i personally prefer raisin than outremer
    but really depends on your daily outfits...
  6. I would agree it completely depends on your personal preference....both are beautiful colors...
  7. Love both, you can never go wrong of either color. It all depends on which 1 you think would go more w/ your wardrobe. For me, I'd pick the Raisin SGH City.
  8. I have a Raisin City, and I love it. But, Outremer is beautiful, also!
  9. Personally I'd go for Raisin. I also do think you'd get more use out of this colour.
  10. I don't think you could go wrong either way - the raisin is probably a little more neutral, I have a violet, and purple goes with a ton more than you'd think it would - but the outremer color just looks TDF...if you are comfortable with a bold bag, I'd say outremer!
  11. I loooove the raisin.. so id be siding a little more that way... but for my first b-bag i think id want something that would really stand out so i might go with outremer..

    What color h/w are you thinking about? if gold i think id go with raisin, if silver id go with outremer.. if covered.. idk. This is a toughie lol.

    Ill be getting my first b-bag in about a month and its gonna be like the hardest decision of my life.. good luck.
  12. raisin for me! outremer is pretty but raisin is more neutral
  13. I love cobalt blue so I'd definitely get Outremer!

    But I guess it depends on your style/what colour clothes you wear/what colour handbags you already own..?
  14. Thank you all
    there are lots of good advices. I like both color. Most of my clothes are darker color, so I might choose the outremer. But the raisin is more towards my personality.
    It's the hardest choice in my life...
  15. I love both...

    I think I'd probably go for Raisin because Outremer/cobalt blue is very "in" right now - I feel like in the long term I'd continue to love Raisin more and get more use out of it.