Which colour hold me?

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  1. Hi ladies

    I am convinced that I want to do a bespoke order for a hold me, but I am struggling to decide on one colour!

    I have narrowed it down to fuschia, mottled gold or turquoise? I want to use it as a casual go to bag in the spring/summer and perhaps also as a beach bag. I tend to wear blue, white, red, black, brown and turquoise in the warmer months.

    Any advice ladies would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I've been in love with glamourgirl's fuchsia / raspberry Hold Me since she posted pics of it with her mom, but I can't do pink so I ordered navy. Turquoise would be cute too..... Maybe fuchsia in the HM and a turquoise SM?
  3. Kel

    Are you wanting to change some of the details of the bag, like the handles as well as choosing a colour? You do know that there is a Fuschia Hold Me for sale on the BE website don't you?
  4. Great detective work, Jenova.:tup: I like them all, but would love a turquoise Hold Me if I had the funds.:P
  5. Fuschia is an amazing summer color. I carried my SMM fuschia around a lot last august and just loved that pop of color! It's a lot of color when you first see it, but you get used to it very quickly!
  6. turqouise!
  7. ooh turquoise to match the angel purses!!! fuchsia is gorgey too.
  8. Hi ladies , I haven't posted here for a while , but I have a burnt orange Hold Me on order . Looking forward to it arriving very soon.
  9. Hope you recieved the pics by now!
    I would first choose the Turquoise and then the Fuchsia
  10. Fuschia! I think that color is more of a versatile all year-round color!
  11. Sorry girls for the late response....

    Thanks for all the information, I have decided not to go for the fuschia because although I love it, I am not really a PINK girl (if you know what I mean). I have now narrowed it down to turquoise or cobalt but just waiting to see some swatches....

    Thanks for all your advice and I'll be sure to post what I end up ordering.
  12. I bet cobalt would be stunning with the pink lining... That'd be a great choice for a Hold Me!
  13. Hi Kel, I'm a lurker here. I just placed a bespoke order through BE for a turquoise HM. They didn't have any swatches to email me at the moment but I've been told that the turq sheen is very nice (Is this the same color as what was used with the bespoke AP?). I was also able to choose between pink, lt blue and grey for the lining (chose grey). So I vote for turquoise!
  14. That's what I think, but I am a little worried that the cobalt might be too dark for spring/summer and will be hard to match with other colours.....Oh I dunno, decisions, decisions eh :shrugs: