Which colour hobo/day is better? Pls help!


Which colour hobo/day?

  1. Sapin

  2. Cornflower

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  1. hi! I've decided to get a hobo/day from aloha rag. But I can't decide between the sapin or the cornflower! Since I haven't seen either in real life, this is a tough choice for me, please help!! :tender:

    I worry that the green hobo would look a bit too army/punk for me or am i just being paranoid. However i tend to prefer green over blue (suits my overall dressing and taste more) but the cornflower blue is just so pretty....:upsidedown:

    I've seen other sapin and cornflower bbags from PF member's photos. But the colours tend to have a different impact on different bags. Like the first looks nice in almost any colour but the hobo looks SO different in certain colours cos it's just so big.

    Oh and it will be my first bbag! :girlsigh: thank you!
  2. i voted for sapin since it's a gorgeous color & perfect for fall/winter :tender:...i think the sapin looks classy & refined, not army-like at all!!!
  3. sapin
  4. Sapin!
  5. Have you seen Sapin in person? It is very, very dark and difficult to tell that it is green. I would choose black over Sapin, if you want something more versatile than Cornflower.
  6. Although the cornflower is a beautiful color, since you prefer greens, I voted for sapin. It isn't army green at all and I think it would be beautiful in the day.
  7. sapin!!
  8. for hobo, i would prefer sapin than cornflower
  9. Me too! Sapin.
  10. thanks for the response! wow, seems like sapin is way ahead of cornflower...I'm getting excited :yahoo:

    I live in singapore so the fall/winter aspect isn't very important...it's hot hot hot all the time! :yucky: but i think both colours would still look great under the sun!
  11. my vote is for Sapin
  12. Sapin is gorgeous and the leather is fine!
  13. I have both Sapin and Cornflower bags and my vote is for SAPIN. I love the color green and Sapin is the most beautiful shade. It is a deep forest green color and it's beautiful! :heart: Plus the Sapin bags I've seen have delicious looking leather and are not veiny like the Cornflower bags.

    ETA - the hobo/day bag is not really that big. My bags are the work size and I think the day is slightly smaller than the work.
  14. hazel, i must admit... i wasn't too fond of sapin when i first saw it. it really has grown on me and so i voted for it. the reports have been that the leather is thick and smooshy on the sapins. good luck on your decision.
  15. I just saw the Sapin day bag IRL! It is a very pretty dark forrest green.