Which colour for the Suhali Lockit?

  1. I'll buy a Suhali Lockit PM in the next time. I looove the white colour, but also the black one. What I regret is the fact, that the black one has yellow seams. Is that nice??:confused1:
    I like all the colours of the Suhali Lockit except the Sienne, because it has silver hardware. What are your opinions, ladies?! Who owns a Lockit in black, white, blue or black? If you have some modeling pics, I would be thankful!:heart:
  2. My favorite color for Suhali items is white in general. But for the Lockit I actually perfer Sienne, bur you didn't like that one :sweatdrop:
  3. Thank you KikkiSweet - the Sienne isn't possible for me because i don't like the silver hardware. I wear most of the time golden jewellery and I don't like to mixe silver and gold. The colour Sienna is beautiful - but not for me.
  4. i think the white is stunning!
  5. I like the white.
  6. Oooh, I see .. But then I'd say you should go with white .. It looks really elegant :yes:
  7. I love the verone color, not one that you mentioned.. but that would be my choice.
  8. ....yes, the Verone is really beautiful too! Thank you shopsinparis!
  9. I also love suhali in verone... such a beautiful color!
  10. Black Suhali is soooo stunning... the fact that is has contrasting yellow stitching makes it stand out more. I'd go for the black! I own two black Suhali pieces and couldn't be happier!
  11. Yes John, the black Suhali Lockit is very elegant! I have never seen the Lockit in black IRL. Last time when I was at the store I saw the Verone and the white. Maybe the yellow stitching looks good, I don't know. I'll have a look at it in the next time. I love black, I wear a lot of black clothes and I don't like too much contrasts. So the black could be the right choice for me?!:yes: Enyoy your Suhali pieces - they are really wonderful!
  12. Suhali black is gorgeous. I'm contemplating the Lockit PM in that color.
  13. I have the lockit PM in black, and I absolutely love it. The yellow stitching goes really well and gives it that extra ooomph of sophistication imo. I love the suhali line, I'm going for the le fab in white next!
  14. I plan on getting a lockit Pm too and I have tried on all the colors. The color that I like the most is white. It is gorgeous!
  15. I have the Lockit in Blue and i love it! The colour is gorgeous! I also love the Verone colour they are both such stunning colours!