which colour for roxbury drive??

  1. HI guyss.... I'm new in this forum so I'm not sure if it's the right place to post this thread. I really fall in love with the roxbury drive in white (perle), but it seems that everyone here prefer the pomme or the amarante and I'm also scared that it would get dirty easily.
    What do u all think?? Thankss..!!!
  2. Yep the Pomme is HOT!!! the new Amarante, looks nice as well. If i were going for a white bag i dont think it would be this one.
  3. i prefer the roxbury in amarante :smile:
  4. If I had to get a roxbury any time soon it would be in pomme. That red is to die for!
  5. amarante is easy to take care and u don’t need to worry of get it dirty ;)
  6. Pomme for sure.
  7. Pomme! That color fits the Roxbury like a glove.
  8. Roxbury in Perle for me! hehe
  9. definitely the pomme. it's luscious!
  10. I own the Pomme. It's so pretty...I can stare at it all day!
  11. I think it looks best in Pomme
  12. Pomme.
  13. woww... so many people like the roxburry in pomme... hahahaa I think I'm changing my mind now.. Honestly I like all three of them... help me....
  14. I like perle....and also noisette.
  15. Mine is Pomme. Love it so much!