which colour for my 4th Messenger?


which Men's Day Colour?

  1. blue india

  2. grenat

  3. olive

  4. other

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  1. hello, i need your valuable opinion..... the only boutique here that sell B bags only have 3 colours available in the Men's Day: blue india, grenat and olive. which one would you pick for me? would you rather recommend a different colour?

    here's a photo of the bags the boutique kindly emailed me:

    here's what i have so far:

    (black, taupe and ebony)

    im a 27y/o male by the way ;)

    thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. blue india!
  3. Blue India :o)
  4. Love the Grenat...it looks great in the day! It's different enough that it really adds to your collection, yet I think it's still in your color palette! That bag is awesome...obviously you know!
  5. WOW...Blue India! That is a beautiful color.

    Vert Olive is my 2nd choice!!!!!

    I should've gotten the Blue India..but alas..it's not avail in BalNY yet.
  6. Vert Olive, it looks more manly to me and in my opinion this would complement your collection best, Also would you or maybe luvurbags accept to model the men's bag in the wearing your bbag section? I've always thought these would look darn hot and edgy on a guy but I haven't seen any wearing them irl so far:sad:
  7. BLUE INDIA :nuts:
  8. deluxeduck i reckon you should go for the BLUE INDIA... WOW that pic you've posted up of the BLUE INDIA is YUM YUM YUM!!! :nuts:
  9. Grenat:yahoo:
  10. I personally love the Blue India color, but I think the Grenat or Olive goes better with your collection color sheme unless you want to break out into new colors =)
  11. Blue india is my fav
  12. blue india
  13. I think olive would be best and it would compliment you current collection. I too would like to see a picture of you wearing it!
  14. Are you sure that is Blue India? That looks like the same photo I posted (now merged into the "everything Blue India" thread), and I thought the consensus was that it was Teal.
  15. OLIVE!!! OMG, that is a beautiful shade of green...holy crap. Love it!! :yahoo: