Which colour for evening purposes (First style)?

  1. Hi all!

    My first question in this fantastic forum is:

    Which colour would you consider more suitable to a First as you are going to use it as an evening bag?

    I'm deciding between a dark red (rouge theatre or burgundy), or black. But any different suggestion is appreciated :yes:
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum!
    I think both colors are suitable, but it depends on what you're wearing. If your outfit is black than a dark red bag would look great with it IMHO.
  3. I think black is the most versatile, but personally i would pick rouge vif! it's such a TDF color!!!
  4. I would say Black as it is more versatile but then most of my bags are black! Dark Red is cool too though but it depends on what colours you normally wear really - would red go with them?
  5. I would say Rouge VIf. That was my first First. I love that color and I think you can wear it with just about everything. I did end up getting a black one later because I love Firsts so much.

  6. I agree! Have you considered a plomb/Steel first from the new fall colors? It is beautiful and the leather on the steel bags is tdf!
  7. I actually love my Anthracite First because it looks almost black at night but has a hint of green - or blue - or gray, depending on the light you're in...and it goes with lots of other colors... :yes: otherwise, I'm no help because obviously black is classic and so versatile - but I'd love ANYTHING in rouge theatre! Good Luck!
  8. About Rouge Vif (love this color too) and rouge theatre, they belong to past collections, any more available in stores.

    I'm not allowed to Market Plaza yet (I sent app just today), and cannot ask if there are any rouge vif/theatre firsts on sale :crybaby:

    Don't like so much steel, think it does not match with my blond hair :graucho:
  9. Welcome to tPF!!

    I'd say get a red bag! If you're looking for a past season color, your best bet would be on eBay. And sorry to burst your bubbles, but you can't apply for MP until your post count hits 500+:sad:

    How about Tomato? The color is gorgeous, especially in First:heart:
  10. :crybaby:

    I saw some pictures here and there in these days' posts. I couldn't really make a precise idea, since each photo shows the colour in a different way (direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, with or without flash). I think I shall experience it IRL. Hope to do so next week, when I will go to Balenciaga store in Milan.
  11. personally i like black but a dark red or green even would be just as great!
  12. Well since I have rouge vif, rouge theatre, and black it's hard for me to be objective as you've picked my favs!

    For evening I say black classique!! You can't go wrong and it goes with everything!
  13. Another vote for a shade of red. When I go out, I tend to wear black anyway so I love wearing a red clutch for some color.
  14. I say black. I love the Bbags' colours (esp the blues and the reds) but black is such a classic colour, always perfect and never boring. Your choice obviously has to consider the colours you have in your closet, but with black you can't go wrong.
  15. My vote is for red. My next bbag will be a First in some shade of red for evening purposes as well.