Which colour for a Baleciaga virgin?

  1. Hi there!
    Calling all you balenciaga bag experts out there! I really really really want one but just don't know which colour to go for... I love the red, but the black just looks so classy... also saw a picture of a turquiose one and it was absolutely stuning! I am having trouble finding a reputable site on the internet that sells them ;unlike when I bought my chloe from LVR.
    I am going to Paris in October so is it best to wait til then?
    Many thanks!!
  2. Depends on what color fits in with your wardrobe and lifestyle. I have 6 B-bags and none are black because I already have black handbags. My B-bags are pewter, pale pink, red, brown, green and blue.

    LVR also sells B-bags. In the states, you can buy them at Balenciaga's New York shop and select NeimanMarcus/Barneys/Nordstrom stores.
  3. I'm still a Balenciaga virgin, but I plan on fixing that by the end of this year with a splash of COLOUR! I agree it's a tough decision, but in the end I made the choice to go with colour for my first b-bag because I think the black handbag department I can fill with other bag styles or I have already filled with other bag styles.
  4. Go with a color for your first, the rouge vif is fantastic.
  5. Black. My first bbag was a black city and it's the only bbag I've kept - it goes with everything, and I'm not too daring ;)
  6. I agree, it depends on how daring you are and the typical colors of your wardrobe. After trying out so many different colors, I can honestly say that caramel, ink and truffle are my 3 faves, I guess I love neutrals.

    If you are sometimes daring and mostly not, ink is a great choice!
  7. Thanks everyone! I have to say I love the reds (there seem to be lots of variations) This season (autumn)I seem to be wearing greys and blacks and have coats in both these colours so I thought a red would be a nice splash of colour?

  8. ^^^ The red will definitely look fab with your greys and blacks:yes:
  9. Definitely! If not red, I'd suggest black as well.
  10. I'm a b-bag virgin as well. I was thinking of getting the gray. Any thoughts on that??
  11. Maybe a more neutral red like Grenat might work for you then?
    I'm kind of biased... I love my Black City! I think black is a perfect color for your first bag, esp since it can go with so many outfits!
  12. Black.
  13. I'd go for Black or Rouge Vif !!!
    And don't worry we still have some b-bags left here !!!
    And a bag is such a lovely souvenir...
  14. Black is a great first bbag color! everytime I see a black bbag I remember why this brand rocks!
  15. Ellay - The rouge vif would look great with your fall wardrobe! :heart: You can always get black for your *next* Bbag! :graucho:
    Awbrat - Do you mean the greige? If so, it's a beautiful color! :love: