Which colour do you suggest to Balenciaga for the next season?

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  1. Dear friends,
    from many years Balenciaga creates a lot of colours for Bbags...but....:graucho: which colour could you suggest for next season?
    For example I need other metallic colours and a mustard yellow!!:yahoo:
  2. i want something yellow and purple like eggplant :yes:
  3. a yellow, turquoise like 05 or dark turq 04 and a shade of red in between rouge theatre and rouge vif.......then I'd be set, I think?
  4. Another blue like Indigo
  5. PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! Please..................?
  6. A color like the rouge theatre would be great with giant gunmetal hardware.
  7. a really bright yellow would be great..
    and something red between oxblood and theatre maybe?:heart::heart::heart:
  8. Pink!
  9. pink & indigo!!
  10. A red like Rouge Theatre with Pewter hardware :yes: Yellow, Purple & Pink!
  11. Pumpkin orange (NOT rust again)
  12. another vote for pink!!!!!!!
  13. Metallics! :yes:
  14. Definitely purple (to replace eggplant), yellow (like mustard) & pink (darker than bubblegum)...plssss
  15. A really dark rich red