Which colour denim should I get?

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  1. I want to get a LV Denim Bag but I'm not sure which colour to get:- Blue, Pink or Green?

    Which do you think would get used more? They all have their different pros and cons but I'm not sure.

    Also, any photos of the denims you have would be appreciated.
  2. I have the fuchsia and blue denim speedies. I tend to use the fuchsia more because I think it stands out more and I kind of got bored of the blue. The patchwork speedy that might be calling my name may revive my interest in it though. I haven't gotten any of the green yet and probably wont, just isnt my thing.
  3. The fuchsia and lichen (green) are discontinued so it will be harder to find bags in these colors unless you're buying from a reseller. I tend to like the blue more I suppose because the fuchsia and lichen are nice, but when I think of denim, I think of blue so I like that color better. The only denim piece I have are the Grenadine flats but I wear them with jeans as well and they look adorable!
  4. i really think that the fushia denim is really cute.... something different from the regular blue denim. and the fuschia denim can brighten your day up anytime!
  5. he he im going to be an enabler!!! I adore my neo fuschia, it stands out sooo much and i have had that many compliments on it i cant remember!!! Get the fuschia while you still can! Its discontinued and unavailable in the UK xx

  6. I dont know if elux ships to other countries, but maybe you can have a friend in the US ship it up or something, there are some green and fuchsia pieces left there if you decide on that.
  7. I love the fushia - its hot!
  8. LOVE the fushia it's too pretty! But if you cant get a fushia Blue is v.Pretty to!
  9. get the fuschia!! soo pretty :love:
  10. Pink....pink....
  11. If you like pink, I vote pink. I can't wear pink so I have blue.
  12. Fuschia!!!!!!!!
  13. B L A C K
  14. I was in love with the fuschia since it came out but I seriously doubt that I will use it alot if I get it it stands out to much for me so Ill be getting the Denim Baggy in blue instead:smile:
  15. PINK!!!!!!

    I LOVE my Fuschia Speedy.... L O V E.

    Definitely a must have. Good luck with your purchase. Let us know what you decide on.