Which colors still readily available in retail?

  1. I'm trying to get a feel for availability of colors. Are all the pre-spring 2006 colors still readily available--e.g., Origan or Ink? What about any of the 2005 colors?

    If the model makes a difference in color availability, I'm interested in getting a city or a work.

    I'm using this page for color reference:
  2. I saw @ AR

    emerald, rouille city
    lilac, cornflower work

    lots of pony city/works...

    i dont think there is much ink left anywhere, but best bet for it is to call bal ny or bal paris
  3. i think most of the pre-spring colors are already sold out in stores :sad: ...but i know the nyc store still has a few (no ink though & i'm not sure about origin) & aloharag has some too!!!
  4. Ink is probably the least available s/s 06 color at retail right now. I saw a good selection of 06 emerald in different styles at NM yesterday and surprisingly, an 05 magenta shoulder (they most likely have more colors & style in the back I didn't ask, I was just browsing). Which color(s) are you most interested in?
  5. I don't really know what color I want - I haven't seen any B-bags IRL *ever*. My obsession is only a few days old right now...but when I get obsessed, I jump in with both feet!! ;)

    I'm thinking it might be best to go w/a more neutral color for my first bag - so the Origan and Ink appeal to me because they are neutral, but "different." I'm also kind of interested in the Grenat, Griege, and possibly the Blue/Grey (although nobody seems to be talking about that one, so maybe it's not the greatest choice).

    I'd welcome any input on good colors!! :smile:

    Also, does the city size seem like the best choice? If anyone has pics of people w/the work size that would help me. I only seem to have found pics of people holding the city size & I'd like to see the work size for comparison. I am tall, but I usually prefer a medium size bag.
  6. ^Fiatflux, I think we have the same taste in colors. Grenat, greige, and blue-gray are the ones I'm after. To me, they seem the most versatile and neutral of the new fall colors.
    My obsession started a few months ago, and I bought an ink city. Like you, I wanted something "different" instead of the standard black or beige for my 1st Bbag, and I've never regretted it.
    If you think origin or ink will be difficult to find (and you don't want to go thru ebay for your first bag) I would suggest the grenat city. I've only seen a work IRL once, but it looked a little too big for everyday use. The city is just the perfect size, IMO. Good luck, and let us know when you dive in for that first bag! :flowers:
  7. Thank you Cate! I agree - I think I would rather do retail than eBay for my first one, just to play it safe ... but after I become more familiar with all the signs of authenticity (or non-authenticity) I will be willing to venture out to eBay... !! Glad you voted for the Grenat ... that's one that really has me intrigued!

    Do you have any concerns about the 2006 leather?
  8. I was at NM in King Of Prussia, PA about 3 hours ago and there was an Ink City! :yes: It was GORGEOUS.

    There was also:

    Emerald - work, day, first
    Gray - first
    Black - first, work

    They also had a Rouille something but now I don't remember what it is.
  9. Wow - thanks for the tip Edna ... I'm tempted ... but I keep waffling about the color because Ink looks really close to black from the pics I've seen ... and I think maybe another color would be more stunning and eyecatching ... hmmmm
  10. there is still an ink city in retail?!?!?!?! holy :censor:!

    what was the leather like on it?
  11. Hehhehe...I actually have the grenat city on pre-order and I can't wait for it to come! :nuts: :nuts:

    I have purchased all 3 of my bags (ink, black, lilac) from the BNY store, and I had no concerns at all!! I asked my SA (Joseph) to pick me out bags that were not very veiny or distressed, and I think he did a great job. He is very honest, and will tell you if the bags they have in stock are the types you are looking for.

    (And also just wanted to wish you good luck if you decide to get the ink city at NM!) :flowers:
  12. I called BNY yesterday...to my recollection, they had the city in most of the S06 colors, but not ink...they had cement and truffle from F06 in the city (several more F06 colors in the first, twiggy, and work styles)...
  13. You're welcome! Ink is a lovely color. It is close to black, but it's so unique! But it sounds like you are wanting a color that POPS! :amuse:

    The leather on it was GREAT! Hardly any white veiny lines, and it wasn't very shiny at all. :flowers:
  14. Well, not exactly something that "pops" - but something that makes a statement but is versatile. Am I asking too much? :smile:
  15. i think you'd be really happy with the new grenat/oxblood color :rolleyes: