Which colors do you like best for each bag?

  1. I know all Hermes bags are lovely, but which colors do you think go especially well and highlight the beauty of each Hermes bag?

    I like:

    Bolides in Black - the little black dress of bags - can be casual or dressy

    Kellys in Rouge H or White (highlights their elegance)

    Birkins in Gold or Etoupe (with the white outerstitch) -emphasizes casual beauty

    ...of course I could go on, but the above are currently the way I see things. :flowers:
  2. Good question:

    Birkin: Potiron. Blue Jean, Chocolate, Gold
    Kelly: Black, Rouge H , Chocolate, White. Potiron, fuchsia
    Bolide: Vert Anis, Blue Jean, White, black box
  3. Kelly: Black Box, Gold, Rouge H, White
    Plume: Rouge H, Vert Anis ostrich, Orange
    Bolide: Blue Jean, Rouge H, Cyclamen, Turquoise, Royal Blue
    Birkin: Marron Fonce, Poitron, Rouge H, Blue Jean
  4. My absolute favorites:

    Kelly: Black or chocolate box with gold HW or Potiron Togo
    Birkin: Gold
    Plume: Orange or Potiron
    Trim: Any red
    Evelyne: Blue Jean :supacool: (Ok, I had to put that one!)
  5. Kelly: My favourite Kellys are in box: black, chocolate, rouge H, forest green; or croc Miel (no textured leathers)

    Birkin: All leathers; black, dark browns, gold, rouge Vif, Thalassa blue

    Bolide: I prefer the Mou style or the 1923: Rouge vif, vert anis, chocolate, orange

    Plume: box or croc: same colors as Kellys
  6. Here are my choices:

    Kelly: Fuchsia!!! (Ostrich and Croc)
    Birkin: Fuchsia!!!! (Ostrich, Croc, and Vibrato)
    HAC: Fuchsia!!!! (Ostrich)
    Bolide: Fuchsia!!!! Cobalt Blue! (Ostrich)
    Trim: Fuchsia!!!! Cobalt Blue! (Ostrich)
    Plume: Saffron (betcha didn't expect that one eh?:graucho: )
    Evelyne: Fuchsia Vibrato or Black/White Vibrato
  7. You are too funny!
  8. i love them all but more important for me is how one colour looks on what kind of leather then the stitching then the hardware etc.
  9. That's true, I didn't think of that. In your opinion, which color and hardware will most definitely clash?
  10. that depends again i hacve seen a blue jean epsom with gold and it looked stunning but on clemence it locked kinda "off"
    same applies on ostrich fuschia with ruthenium while on fushia lizard it may work. or vert anis croc looks fab with gold while vert anis togo lokks blah with gold but could work if it is hazelnut stitching . and then we come to the stitching that has to match and then the size :wlae:
  11. I saw a roi blue ostrich birkin at SCP this weekend...that would be the best color for me
  12. WHAT?!! ON THE SHELF?!!! Just like that? :nuts: AVAN~~ You there? Call SCP~~

    Is it Roi Blue or Cobalt Blue? The two colors can be pretty similar and so far all the blue ostrich I've seen at SCP had been cobalt blue ... I luv Cobalt Blue. And what size is it?
  13. I think I saw a Kelly in blue jean with gold hardware a month ago and it looked a bit tacky. I wasn't sure of the leather but it could've very well been clemence, it just looked odd. My SA was telling me that she thinks it was a bad combo.

    Hazelnut stitching?:nuts: Can you actually specify stitching colors when you place an order?
  14. I wish!! I would of snatched it up... A young woman shopping at Loro Piana...it was a beautiful bag, certainly sold me on that color.
  15. yes definately you can ! and i prefer to do so :yes: (unless the regular combo is pretty fine with me)