which colors are usually at the store?

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  1. when you're at the department store, what colors of the city bags do they ALWAYS or usually have whenever you go there, besides black?
  2. There's no set of guaranteed colors that a store will have. Not even black is always in stock. Every season has different colors and usually the current season's colors along with maybe a few from the season before are in stores. But sometimes you'll find an even earlier color, so it depends on which store and what they might have left over. For the most part, department stores won't have anything earlier than a year before the current season (i.e. right now it's 09, it's unlikely but not impossible that NM would carry something earlier than 08).

    Are you looking for a particular color? If it's from 07 and before, your best bet is probably online auction sites and consignment stores. Hope that helps! :flowers:
  3. i cant get any bags online. i just want any neutral color as long as it's a city but black just seems a little too boring. thanks for replying :biggrin:
  4. they all sound good, thanks. :smile: i'll check out barney's in chicago.