Which color??

  1. Hi sorry to bother you guys but just need some opinion. I wanna get a chloe paddingdton but not sure which color. I was thinking about the metallic silver or the bordeaux? All my bags and clothings are the common colors (black, brown, blue, white) I kinda want something different but I don't know if I could pull off the metallic. Thanks!
  2. i think i'm the same - all my bags are brown, and i want something with more pizzazz

    i am trying frantically to find this bag:
    luisaviaroma.com ::: shopping on line

    i saw the color on a chloe shopper in bloomingdales and it's beautiful! i would definitely recommend this color - they have it in the small paddy size at Neimans.
  3. Metallic sounds great and edgy depends if you would wear it a lot, but were't there a few issues with color transfer what metallics are concerned ?
    I would try to do some research on that first.
  4. The ones in metallic are sooo yummy:drool: It really "pops" with neautral colours as brown, black etc.
    If you don't want it to be too blingy you could go for a darker one like metallic anthracite.
    But bordeaux is also a great choice - you can't go wrong with either one.
    Or maybe both:graucho:
  5. Why don't you look at the aubergine. Its a little bit metallic and from what everyone says takes on different shades (different) and goes with everything.
  6. the aubergine mini is also on sale at LVR, i think
  7. ITA w/ daniela.. i would choose the baby argent paddy...
  8. i just ordered this from Neimans i am so excited!
  9. It's not the small paddy size at Neiman's. I just received it and it's the medium. Check out the price, $1,850.00. :idea: That was my clue that whoever put in on their website, had NO IDEA about paddys:smile: It's gorgeous, a metallic taupe, but I would call it metallic champagne. I decided to order it before someone gave them a heads up and they were all gone! I told them it was the medium when I ordered it, (I was IMing the SA, but they never care about what the customers say. LOL) In any case, if you want the medium, that's it!:yes:
  10. The one on neimanmarcus.com is not the baby paddy. The "argent" is the taupe metallic in the medium size and it is gorgeous! Enjoy:smile::yes:
  11. i know...i called neiman's and they're sending it to me from hawaii. it's the little one, it costs $1575...which is a lot for a little chloe, but it's such a pretty color! it's going to be my first.

    i'm not a "big bag" kind of girl, so the baby chloe is a perfect bag for me.
  12. I have the baby or mini or whatever it's called in anthracite and I really love it. I wear it way more often then I ever thought I would, because I am a big bag kind of gal. But the mini/baby looks so cute with the right outfit! COngrats on yours and enjoy it!:heart:
  13. Oooooooo! You are lucky that they found it for you! I think the metallic in the baby size is gorgeous! Enjoy:smile::yes: