Which color???

  1. Which color St. Louis tote should I get?? Bright blue, white, or burgundy?? This will be my first Goyard St. Louis!
  2. im super torned then! but I end up on burgundy T9! but still I long for the blue and the green....nor the yellow. I just figured it out I need a color that I could grow old with it... goodluck in choosing!
  3. I am leaning more towards the burgundy at the moment...
  4. I love bright blue! :smile:
  5. I love bright blue.....
  6. Too.....
  7. I love my bright blue marquise. I find the color goes with almost everything. It think the st. Louis would be stunning in the bright blue. If you choose to personalize there are so many good color combos for that color too
  8. If you live in a warm climate, my vote is white.
  9. What is your usual colour scheme? White is good to match anything with. I am tended towards white and burgundy (though i hv blue and white)
  10. I bought the bright blue initially much to the disapproval of my family, then I have now switched to three bags in the dark navy blue...
  11. Burgundy! I just got one and am so happy I went with Burgundy. I almost got the green bc I loved the pop of color but then I realized that I want something that I will NEVER regret and will want to wear for years to come. Believe me, I think the bright blue and green are gorgeous, but for $1600+, I went for safe and bought the Burgundy.
  12. I vote for blue!
  13. I'm voting for light blue!
  14. White......!