Which color?

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  1. Should I go chocolate or khaki signature? I bought the chocolate with mahogany and the khaki with tobacco, but have to decide on ONE. :cursing: Which one to choose? I have to decide by Monday. Thanks everyone for the help! Mokey
    new pics 10-26-06 022 khaki.JPG new pics 11-07-06 007.jpg
  2. I like the chocolate/mahogany but I think they are both beautiful.
  3. I like khaki - good all year round.
  4. I am a khaki girl, but I really like the look of the chocolate signature more. However, I think either will be a great neutral!
  5. If i were you i'd stick with the khaki :yes:
    But if you already have a coach bag in khaki then stick with the chocolate.
  6. khaki!
  7. Well, I had a khaki bag, but sold it earlier this year. I have never had anything in the chocolate. I have had these bags for close to a month and love both, but since I got the Legacy I can only keep one. I really like the khaki because I am normally a khaki girl, but I see it a lot so that is where the chocolate is nice because it isn't so common. BUT, the khaki IS a year round bag while the chocolate it just fallish......I could make a case for either! Keep the opinions coming girlies, I need all the help I can get! By the way I asked hubby and the kiddos which one and they are split too! Thanks again, Mokey
  8. I like the khaki... personally :o)
  9. Second one!
  10. loving the khaki
  11. chocolate!
  12. I LOVE the chocolate one!
  13. normally, i would say khaki...but i'm not feeling it on this one.
    but the chocolate one is totally tdf.
  14. I like the chocolate!
  15. I am normally a khaki person, too, but I like the chocolate in this one better.
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