Which color?


Which color for the zoe clutch?

  1. Striped is the way to go! All the colors make it super casual and fun!

  2. Green! Lovely for all seasons!

  3. Orange! you glad they made the clutch in this color?

  4. Even though you don't want to get it in black...I still say black.

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  1. I can't decide between the striped,the green, and the orange, but leaning toward the first two. I would use this daily. TIA:flowers:
  2. I like the striped best, but I'd fear how it would hold up in comparison to the leather green or orange.
  3. I love the green!
  4. If it were me I'd be buying the striped
  5. I ordered the orange - heck, you have the striped fabric on the inside. Besides, I wouldn't want to handle that silk every day - would really get dirty. Just look how cute the orange/pink is in the new catalog!
  6. I am in love with the stripe and am drawn to it, but for practicality, the green!
  7. I think you should get the striped clutch so cute. But I love the madison scarf print flap but too expensive & small for me, plus I don't go to dressy formal places at all.
  8. Love the stripe!
  9. I voted for the stripe but my true vote was for black - LOL. I know that you don't want black and that you have no intention of getting it so I didn't want to waste my vote.

    If I were to get it and I couldn't get black I'd definitely get the stripe. If you get orange or green you are more limited in what you can wear it with. If you get the stripe the possibilities are endless.
  10. Love the stripe one.
  11. The stripe is pretty!
  12. ^^Thanks all! I ordered in both striped and green, and should have it by thursday, thanks sprinkles!
  13. Yay! You're just like me, If I like more than one I just get frustrated and order both! haha.
  14. I like the green.
  15. aarti - i voted for black, but only because I still can't make up my own mind - i am starting to lean towards black though...