Which Color?

  1. I love how the flower on these resemble clovers. My 2 year old is a St. Patrick's Day baby so I have been collecting items w/clovers on it. This would be soooo adorable to have.


  2. Yes I love the Fleurs Lexingtons:yes: Saw one on Ebay a while back (red) and it was gorgeous, it went to someone else though:Push: I think the red is the hottest of these.
  3. is that navy or black? i like that one the most anyway
  4. I think it´s black.
  5. All three are cute and gorgeous but I'm loving the pink..! Too sweet to resist... :P
  6. 0o0o0o0 so cute!!! totally loving the black one!
  7. Love the red and the black.
  8. Black or pink
  9. love the red... rich and vibrant color!
  10. I like the beige one that's not pictured.
  11. the pink or the black, all are so cute though! :biggrin:
  12. they're all beautiful! just pick which one would go with your current wardrobe best... then get the rest later :graucho: although the black is extra special, because that's the only real black Mono Vernis ever made! to the best of my knowledge anyway.... but i actually like the beige version (not included) the best :yes:
  13. oooh i saw that on their website last night! they look so nice all lined up together :love:

    i like the pink and black the most:tender:
  14. yeah I like the pink and the black too :smile:
  15. i loooove the pink one!