Which color?

  1. So I am going to Coach today to finally use my PCE. I have decided I want a leather bag....a medium Carly...now which color? I am torn between the chocolate brown and the chili red. I am a lil afraid of the red..I haven't seen it IRL, is it a deep red or a screaming red? I know I will love the brown but a nice pop of color would be good. What do you ladies think?
  2. Chocolate all the way!
  3. It's a beautiful red but I would go with the chocolate personally. I don't have enough that a red bag would match to be able to wear it much and it would be a shame to not wear the heck out of a leather Carly.
  4. I would go for the red. In fact, I've been looking for a red leather one. I just love red bags, they go with everything and can really spice up an outfit.
  5. I like the chocolate! The red is gorgeous too but the brown would be worn more in my wardrobe.
  6. I love both...I have soo many brown and black bags and the red could go with everything I wear. I don't really care much for matching, so I wouldn't have to wear red to wear the red bag. I dunno I hope they have it at the store when I go and if not I can always exchange it. I may go for the red...i dunno!
  7. red! i need a pop too!
  8. The red is a nice color, and it is kind of a fire engine red, but not an "in your face" screaming color either. The coach.com color is actually pretty realistic on my monitor. I think it's a very nice red, and I love the Carly in general... but what I don't like about either is the fact there there's no contrast with the trim and strap (like the parchment and tan). There's something about this aspect with the red that I don't like, although I did almost purchase one around Christmas. I have so many brown bags, that I would probably purchase the red if someone told me to go buy a leather Carly today. However, if you don't have much in your wardrobe that you could use the red with, then I would probably go with the brown. I do think the hardware looks fab against the dark colors!
  9. Chocolate! :tup: I had it once, it's gorgeous and rich.
    The red is bright.. if you have a ton of black or brown and want a pop of color then go for the red. I would personally wear it with a lot of colors, I wouldn't even try to match it with red, like you said.. too matchy matchy and what are the odds the red would be exact? Good Luck! :tup:
  10. I think the red is gorgeous and would add a nice pop of color into your wardrobe, especially if you already own a lot of brown and black bags. :smile: If the Carly was a bag that worked for me I'd get it in a heartbeat in the chili color.
  11. oooh get the red! it's something different.
  12. I love red but I'm chicken to get a red bag!
  13. I saw the red irl. it is a beautiful deep red. I would totally go for the red. The chocolate is beautiful too though.
  14. I haven't seen the red IRL either...they are both gorgeous colors ash... I think if you decide on either one you'll be happy! Be sure to post pics! :smile:
  15. CHOCOLATE! Seriously, this is one hot, sexy bag!!! Here, see for yourself!!
    valentine bag choc carly 002.jpg choc carly sig scarf 003.jpg