Which color?

  1. Navy, Green, or Pink?

  2. I like the navy one. :tup:
  3. I like the pink one... it goes great with the crochet.
    Navy is next, then green.
  4. ^yes thats another thing I was thinking about as well...which color looks better with the crochet & also if the flowers look as nice w/the pink?
  5. Pink, then green.
  6. Green, but I think it depends on your coloring. If you are darker complected, you could pull off the pink. I am fair and it would wash me out. I think anyone could wear the navy.
  7. Navy, pink then green.
  8. Navy, pink then green if you have dark hair/fair to olive skin.

    If you're fairer, with light brown or blonde hair and tan skin: pink, green, navy

    If you're a pale redhead/strawberry blonde: green, pink, navy

  9. pink :smile:
  10. Navy, green, then pink. I like the crochet to stand out more.
  11. Navy, better contrast
  12. My vote is for green.
  13. I like the pink one best, but I'd probably choose the green one earth tones are so versatile. I don't really like the navy one, because the crochet part seems to clash with the stark white in the pattern :shrugs:
  14. nave, pink, and then green
  15. Cute dress! Like all three colors, but navy is my favorite.