Which color?!

  1. I want to get a Speedy 30 in either damier azur or damier ebony...which one should i get??? im leaning towards the damier azur just because all my other bags are dark colors.
  2. I'd say go for Azur for the reason that you stated.
  3. ebony! I just got one for christmas and I love it! plus it's a great all weather bag. (no vachetta)
  4. Azur for a light bag to wear and because it's so pretty!
  5. so only the damier ebony has vachetta? sorry someone please explain, im confused about vachetta
  6. no, only the azur has vachetta, the damier ebene has chocolate leather.
  7. ohhh. whats your opinion on vachetta? will the one with chocolate leather last longer??

  8. The Azur Damier has Vachetta handles and they will get darker over time. The Ebene Damier has brown leather handles that will never change colors

    There were no photos "to borrow" from Elux so here is the Alma in Ebene Damier
    which has the same handles

    Here is the Azur


    Other speedys.....
    Mono- Vachetta handles = will get darker
    Mini Lin - leather handles= will stay the same

    Epi- leather handles = will stay the same

  9. Thanks!
    now i just have to make a decision! its hard
  10. Go for the Azur! My favorite :tup:
  11. Azur!
  12. I prefer azur too!
  13. ohh, you won't go wrong with the azur! it's loved by many...but it IS a hard decision to make based on how they almost all have their pros and cons..!! ahh!!
  14. I love the azur but I the ebony is lower maintenance. :smile:
  15. Damier Ebene is used more year-round than Azur IMO. I say Damier Ebene!!