Which color? ;/

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  1. Hello all,
    I'm going to get my tinkerbell coin pouch this few days but I'm still undecided about which color to get. They have all three colours available. Any suggestion?
  2. what are the colors ? Can you post a pic ?
  3. Which bag will you be using it most with? That will help you narrow it down and for us to suggest something. :yes: All the colors are fab but I do love the Coral and the Green the best. Am I thinking the Tinkerbell Coin Pouch you're referring to is the round patent one? Sorry if I'm wrong here. hee hee.
  4. ^ oh ok...i'm thinking of the same thing then. hee hee. i think you should go with the coral (it's not too pink btw) or the greenish yellow one if you are planning on using it w/ monogram mainly. it's so beautiful!
  5. I'm actually debating between the carol and the pale green/
  6. i say go for the coral. the color totally makes it POP against the brown mono canvas.
  7. Coral! it's very pretty :smile: i want one aswell! i have to add it to my growing Wishlist !
  8. i like the coral, its very vibrant and pretty.
  9. I think coral is your best pick. The pale one doesen't really go too well with any types of whites IMO.
  10. i have to say that i like the coral one best.
  11. my vote is for coral.
  12. Hmmmm, seems like everyone think carol is the best. Okay. Will be grabbing it this week. Much appreciated. I :heart: you girls :smile:
  13. Coral! its really nice.
  14. IF i were to get one, it would be the Coral! its so pretty