Which color?


Which color?

  1. Black

  2. Beige

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  1. hey :] ive finally decided what my first marc jacobs purse is going to be. now i dont know which color to get... black? or beige? what would you lovely girls get? thanks :]

  2. I vote beige. I saw the black IRL. it's nice, but I just got my heidi in beige and its gorgeoussss. It doesn't look so pink IRL
  3. I second beige.
  4. I like the black one!
  5. i love this bag too but have only seen it online and not in store despite my hunting (sigh...) ...does anyone know if it fits nicely over the shoulder or if the drop is short like some of the satchels?
  6. It's definitely a shoulder bag. I don't think the straps are AS long as the straps on the original turnlock bowler, but it is a shoulder bag and it's very comfortable. my only complaint of the bag is the lack of structure. stuffed, the shape is awesome. unless you carry your whole life in it, it sags. but that's the price you pay for the soft smooshy leather. when I unstuffed it, there was a mountain of tissue on my floor :lol: I actually took a picture of this... and the bag from many angles with my phone ...but when I try to email them to myself it says invalid email address. i'll figure it out soon enough.
  7. I like the black, I think it will last longer, esp if you plan on using the bag regular. The beige is nice, but would get dirty quicker, and wouldn't go with every outfit. But if you like the beige, go for her! My only advice is make sure you clean her regularly!
  8. Black
  9. Black
  10. I vote black.

  11. The beige is actually a lot darker than that picture suggests. I think it's more of a taupe.
  12. It looks very chic in black!
  13. i went for the Beige!
  14. LOL... I'm a firm believer that you should go with whatever your heart or instinct tells you to go for, despite what others say. Good choice!
  15. I voted for the Black. You won't worry too much about getting it dirty and stuff :biggrin: