Which color Zoe would you add to this collection?

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  1. #1 Nov 22, 2009
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2009
    HELP! The outlet coupon is burning a hole in my pocket!

    So, I think I want another Zoe, but am torn between the black patent, red, and chocolate.

    My collection so far includes:
    Black leather Carly
    Mahogany patent ergo hobo
    Red MFF patent ergo hobo
    Rose leather pleated ergo hobo
    Parker Rose gold Shoulder bag
    Berry patent Zoe
    Gray Leather Small Sabrina
    Tan Leather Small Sabrina

    Each of the above three choices appeal to me in different ways.

    BLACK PATENT: Everyone needs a black patent bag! I wonder though if I should wait and get a satchel style black patent bag. Maybe hunt for a Sabrina or a ergo pleated satchel or see what the future brings?!? I just don't know!

    CHOCOLATE LEATHER: Another basic color every collection should have, and I only have a patent brown purse. I love the Zoe style, size, shape, and think it would be the perfect basic brown leather bag for my collection.

    RED LEATHER: Red is my favorite color, although I tend to me more conservative in my bag choice colors and carry the "plain" black, brown, tan bags the most. I do love the red leather color a lot though. It's gorgeous! I've been trying to broaden my color horizons (that's why I bought the Berry Zoe earlier this summer, but I haven't carried her yet) and I have been carrying my red patent ergo since July. I love the red color, but do I need two red purses?

    What should I do?!?!
  2. I would get the black patent. I have the large, and she is a great bag. Coach does a lot of nice brown bags (although the chocolate is gorgeous), and you seem to have the red covered.
    I didn't get the chocolate because I have the Julianne Op-art in brown. I am also trying to have a "collection" of colors!
  3. I recommend the Chocolate Zoe, I have one and LOVE it. It looks like you have quite a bit of red. I do personally prefer leather over patent so my opinion is a bit biased.... It just seems you can't go wrong with brown leather! I'm a zoe lover too:love:
  4. hmm..
    from your collection, i think u're missing green.. green patent zoe, perhaps? :graucho:
  5. That's what I was thinking!

    It seems like your color choices are pretty conservative, but the green patent zoe might be a casual way to sidle out of your comfort zone. The green zoe isn't a bright neon green, but a nice avocado green. It's a little toned down, but still definately green. But green is my favorite color, so perhaps I'm a little biased? :P

    If not the green, then I suggest the chocolate brown (not patent) because it's such a nice brown. I don't like black patent... it makes me think of patent dress shoes I had when I was a little girl >_<;
  6. Chocolate, definitely chocolate! It's on the short list of my favorite Coach bags of all time. The leather is TDF and the chocolate leather/hot pink lining combo is gorgeous.
  7. ITA- Chocolate!
  8. Chocolate. It's a beautiful bag & a good classic that will be useful for years.
  9. Chocolate, the Zoe in the chocolate leather is gorgeous to me, I don't like brown bags but if I did I would get the chocolate leather Zoe. I have the large black patent in Zoe and the black patent in Sabrina and love them both so black patent would be my second choice.
  10. thats funny i have a choc zoe and i like it but i would def not buy it again, its too plain for me, so my vote out of those 3 is black patent b/c you have a lot in the red/pinks family. no offense to all the chocolate loves out there!

    PS i agree conchenn my first thought was u might need a green patent or blue denim zoe to go with your great collection!
  11. Choc all the way.
  12. I agree....I'd like the green, but there are none at my outlet.
  13. I have the large Black patent Zoe with B HW and she is a knock out. Its my favorite out of all the Zoe's...JMO!!! I love the Berry Patent Zoe as well but you have one of those, it is GORGEOUS!!! Best of Luck!!!
  14. when i was looking at zoes i wanted chocolate, but like Jen222, i thought it was so plain

    so i ended up with the red leather zoe and oh i am so happy i did, she pops and i love it so much

    if you want to go with brown, have you considered the chocolate on chocolate siggy zoe?

    so my opinion is go with RED Leather, its yummy
  15. ...and that is why there are so many ZOE addicts! You just can't buy one color :biggrin:
    Based on your comments, I would say RED.