Which color ZC's should I keep?

  1. I bought too many! I need to return a few - any thoughts on color choices here:
    -Peanut (love it, keeping it)
    -Wheat (unsure about the way the leather looks on this ZC, it's light)
    -Black (w/ gold hardware) - classic, good color
    -Quilted teal (not loving it in person - it's nice but the quilted doesn't look it's best on this particular one)

    -Bordeaux (in LOVE):drool:

    Which should go back ? The wheat or the black along w/ the teal?
    I have a wheat blake - but I don't necessarily need the ZC in the same color.
    I'm thinking return the wheat and teal and keep the peanut,black and bordeaux.
    But then I was thinking maybe the Bordeaux is dark enough to stand in as a black
    and having black and bordeaux is like almost having the same color so then I should
    maybe return the black one (LOL):nogood::push:

    What do you think?
  2. you are so funny! i didn't realize you bought that many ZCs recently!! :p

    i'd vote for keeping peanut, black and bordeaux...there's still something to be said about having the basic black, y'know? unless you don't think you'll use it? b/c in that case, i'd return it...

    i think i'm going to be returning my quilted teal ZC soon too. i wish it was more blue-ish or turquoise-y. oh wells. more money in my pocket for whatever black quilted bag i eventually buy. heehee...;)
  3. Definitely return the wheat.... I would keep the black.
    Sounds like you don't like the teal either, so return that as well.

    Definitely keep the bordeaux!
  4. like thundercloud said, too bad the teal was too greeny. keep the black and bordeaux.
  5. keep the peanut, bordeaux and send the rest back! you don't seem nuts about them, and while the black is good to have, i think peanut serves as your neutral ZC.

    of course, unless it was a crazy good deal...then i'd have to rethink the black! lol!
  6. agreed.
  7. Okay, thank you definitely the teal and the wheat are going back..I just can't decide about the black...I'm thinking more yes than no - my credit card is thinking more no than yes LOL
  8. i thought the teal was too greeny too, but i don't have much in gree and decided to keep it so as to have something green in my wardrobe. I think I'll only buy one mj bag and another designer bag next year, but more zcs, i only have two
  9. I agree with this.
  10. it sounds as if you've already made your choice. return the wheat and teal, but keep the black. it's a classic.
  11. i have bordeaux and it's devine, so i woulnd't give her up, i think you feel the same way, i vote for teal and black to go back and i would keep wheat and bordeaux, one light color and one dark color
  12. I would keep the black it probably has the longest staying power.
  13. I would keep the black!
  14. ITA!
  15. The calfskin on the Wheat looks weird for some reason on the ZC - I decided to return the teal and the wheat - and maybe return the black after I think about it for another month (or see what other sales there are to be had)