Which color you like better for Edith? Rough or Whiskey?

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  1. Hi girls, after tried Edith on myself, I decide to go for Edith as my next Chloe bag. ;)

    Still I cannot decide which color should choose. ROUGH or WHISKEY? I did not see rough IRL, but it seems quite nice and special. :love:

    So need your opinions! :heart:

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  2. Is the rouge a red color? If so, I think I prefer that because Chloe reds are so pretty in real life. Either color would be a great choice.
  3. yeap, rough is a red color. Since I did not see it IRL, I am not so sure that it would be nicer than whiskey.:rolleyes:
  4. Rough:yes:
  5. The rough edith must be very glad to hear that...;)
  6. I think Rouge would be more unusual, but whenever I think of an Edith I think Whiskey. So if you are wanting a classic colour, go Whiskey, if you want your Edith to stand out more, go rouge :smile:
  7. You said it! Whiskey is so classic and rough is kinda special. But doesn't the whiskey remind you your school bag? Though it is much more expensive than all the school bags I had. :roflmfao:
  8. ^lol - i was lucky if i got a Hi-tec bag for school...:roflmfao:

    Well, i love the whiskey, especially on my satchel, but in the Edith, i most definitely prefer the Rouge. It's beautiful!!!!!!!:yes: :love:
  9. I've seen the rouge IRL and I LOVE it.
  10. Oh, I am really loving Rouge! And normally I would say whiskey, but rouge is just gorgeous! And I agree with Chloe_Babe, it will be more unique in rouge.
  11. i think those two colors are both really beautiful IRL. one should have both colors in their collection!
  12. Rouge! Yes IRL it is wonderful.
  13. Rouge! ive seen in IRL and its gorgeous:smile:
  14. Fine, my heart also tells me: go rough! go rough!! go rough!!!:P

    But this makes the decision even tougher: I might get 30% off for whiskey but have to pay full price for rough. :Push: What shall I do now???:hysteric:
  15. I think the contrast off-white/cream stitching on both the whiskey and rouge cheapens the bag. Even the sales lady told me that! It's not a good contrast. Also, the whiskey looks very orangey/reddish in natural lighting. And the rouge will be difficult to match with your clothes.