Which color XL Hampton Hobo should I go for?

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  1. Went to one of my local Coach stores today to look at the Mia Maggie in black leather. I was 80% sure I wanted it, until my bestfriend pointed out the ivory XL Hampton Hobo! OMG, that bag is huge, but soooo gorgeous! And, since it lies pretty flat against your body when carrying it (think MJ Hillier Hobo) it doesn't appear too big. But it is sooo comfortable! And I never wanted a cross-body bag before but really, I think with my 5 year old daughter and my 2 year old son, it will be perfect!!!

    The only colors left online and in stores is the ivory. The SA did call another local store and located one black leather for me and had it put on a 48 hour hold. I plan to pick it up tomorrow.

    So tell me, should I go for the black, which is a smoother leather, or get the ivory pebbled leather? :thinking:

    I am just scared the ivory won't stay clean. Ya know? Soooo exicted!!!!:yahoo:
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    I LOVE the Hampton Hobo!! I love big bags and it sits nicely against your body even when I pile stuff in there! I originally bought the Cypress, but didn't like how light the green was and the fact that there was brass hardware (I am a silver girl). I now have the Blue one and I LOVE it!! I would love to get the Walnut one too, but no one really has any left :sad:.

    With your options, I would definitely go with the Black. As nice as the Ivory is, you would have to be on the lookout all the time for spills, stains, what-have-you :smile:.
  3. I agree. Black.
  4. I say the black! It wont show dirt as much :smile:
  5. I'd go with black as well. It will match everything and can be worn year-round.
    The cross body will be great with the kids too. It'll be hands free.
  6. I have the black and love it. I also plan to get it in the raisin.
  7. I LOVE my Hamptons Hobo. This is the first bag that I've bought in a long time that I think is perfect. I have the walnut so I would say go for that but since it's not available, I would go with the black. I really like the ivory though. It's a very pretty bag. I would worry about it a ton though. I do able how the bag kind of smooshes against you so it doesn't seem so big. It's so comfy to carry! Good luck with your decision!

    Please correct me if I'm wrong...but are you in the St. Louis, MO area? What store do you go to? I live in IL but shop at the Plaza Frontenac store in St. Louis.
  8. I say go for the black! I personally would go for the ivory before black but ever since a color transfer incident with a white cross body bag, I've been awfully paranoid. I wouldn't want that to happen to you, especially if you plan on using it cross body
  9. Black all the way! I'm picking mine up this week! :biggrin:
  10. Mom to Mom, I say the Black too..:P
  11. Black is a better option. I have this bag in cobalt and love it. I also have the flap in Ivory and while I love that as well, it's not an every day bag for me. I got it just to go with certain outfits and usually not when I have my kids. FYI - my store had the Cobalt still on Saturday so it's not necessarily sold out in stores in other colors. I didn't notice if they had the other colors that are sold out as well.
  12. Black:smile:
  13. The ivory is pretty but with 2 kids you may want to go with the black. Post pics when you get her!!!
  14. I am in St. Louis! I usually shop at West County but yesterday I was at the Galleria. Plaza Frontenac is nice, I shop there every now and then.

    **Thanks, ladies! I am picking up my black Hampton when my little boy wakes up from his nap! :smile: **

  15. I see you're in/near Toronto: I bought the walnut Hampton Hobo at Calgary Southcentre on Saturday. I'm sure they had some left . . .