Which color Wylde scarf?? Scorpians....

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  1. Ok, so I can't decide. I already have a black w/white skulls McQueen scarf and a small blk/white Libertine for Target scarf. I'm not sure which of these to get. My complexion is pretty light, with olive undertones - brown hair (well sometimes highlightened) and I wear lots black and grey.


  2. i love the grey one!
  3. 2 or 3
  4. I like the flesh coloured one, it's not as stark as white and if you already have a b&w McQueen one it'll be a nice alternative but then again if you wear lots of black the black might be better.
  5. I like the third one! But the nude one is cute too, and might be a good choice if you already own black/white scarves.
  6. Thanks I ordered the nude one, hopefully I'll love it. If not I'm going to get the black one.
  7. Oh yay! You got the one I liked even though I didn't get my vote in in time.