Which color would you pick in a 28cm Croc Kelly?


What color for a 28cm Sellier Croc Kelly

  1. Black

  2. Miel

  3. Braise

  4. Rouge VIF

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Need some input here as to which color you'd pick for me in a 28cm Sellier Croc Kelly. I'm 5' 3", wear mostly neutrals-blacks, olives, browns in winter; colored tops, capris/denim during the summer. Pretty traditional and conservative, but I like to add some fun to the mix and am not afraid of color in my bags. I don't think I'll have multiple croc Kellys so I would like to pick just one that I can break out often, not just for special occasions.
  2. Miel, baby!!!! It's stunning in Croc!!!!! And 28cm is the perfect size, T.
  3. Another Miel vote! Stands out but looks right at home with black evening wear and jeans in the daytime.
  4. 3rd vote for Miel!
  5. Make that four for Miel! That would be my dream bag - 28cm sellier in Miel w/ GH. :tender:
  6. Another vote for miel! I'm with Fopduck, it's my dream bag, too.
  7. GayKen says to buy the Miel!
  8. ^^LMAO!!!! :roflmfao:
  9. ...i love Gay Ken...........
  10. Well if GayKen says so..........

    And yet another vote for Miel here!
  11. For the description you just gave, I'd also vote for miel! Though, have you considered beige rose? It's also a very good neutral.
  12. I say go for miel as well. It's lovely. This is a question I am pondering right now as well. I'm trying to decide what color croc I would want and whether I would want a kelly or a birkin.
  13. Well, I have to be the one to say....rouge vif.

    Come one...one croc bag....you have to do something with a bit of color!!! It would look so amazing with your neutral clothing when you pull it out to use. Don't you want a little oomph?

    I must go find rouge vif croc
  14. Miel... : )
  15. [​IMG]

    Would this happen to be rouge vif?
    I am thinking so and you croc experts (I SAID CROC EXPERTS...those with the filthy minds) please confirm.

    THIS IS HOT...HOTTER THAN HOT!!! How could you not want to pair this with neutral clothing????
    (and if I am incorrect, this sure is a super choice)