Which color would you get?

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  1. Which color is better looking and more versatile? Amarante or Pomme?

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  2. I would chose Amarante...For me it's better looking!
  3. Amarante for me too.
  4. i would chose pomme, a gorgeous pop of colour for any outfit and more suitable for both day and evening use :smile: i find amarante to be very evening and elegant
  5. Amarante, although Pomme really is gorgeous.
  6. Amarante! Oh yes!
    Pomme looks really good, of course. But versatile... that would be amarante!!
  7. Pomme for me.
  8. amarante
  9. For me, I would go for pomme.
  10. I love the pomme color. I just got it in the Alma mm and the color goes with a lot.IMO
  11. Pomme!
  12. they are both gorgeous but I like the amarante better
  13. I LOVE Pomme with Amarante a close second. They are both versatile colors for me!
  14. love pomme vernis
  15. Amarante!