Which color would you get?

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  1. Bottega in black or dk. chocolate?
  2. I like black because it goes with everything, but lately I've been loving chocolate browns too. I'd say go with the brown for fall :smile:
  3. I love black. Black first then brown too! :smile:
  4. Def black!
  5. Black, but if you already have a black bag, then brown.
  6. I'm gonna disagree with everyone! The dk Chocolate is so lush!!!
  7. ^^^werd Megs, the brown!!!
  8. I'm with you Megs, I'd go for the brown. I just got a new Kooba bag in expresso, and it is rich looking. :biggrin:
  9. I like brown. Black is a little harsh. I am just loving all of the chocolate browns
  10. BROWNS ARE N FOR THE FALL .........So i would say brown
    But if this is goin to be one of ur main bags i would say black
  11. Brown is the new black.
  12. Dark brown for sure! I want one too. Have been looking for a dark brown bag for a while. Which one do you want?
  13. Dont know if you already bought your bottega!
    But I have an amazing green brown. Its so diffrent but looks good with everything.
    Its the one with the grommets..
    Also, I was at the outlet in upstate NY and they have the bottega woven bags for like 500... So you should DEF check it out!
  14. Black all the way.
  15. black