Which color would you choose?

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  1. I'm in love with this MbMJ clutch, but I'm in doubt about what color to choose ... .

    What do you think ... fluoro menta or grape juice? :confused1:

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  2. Definitely the grape juice! Purple is the must have color of the season. Plus, it would go with more items in a typical wardrobe.
  3. I know you were looking for a green MJ for awhile, but I am partial to purple.... & it is going to be a BIG color this year for fall (kinda like green was in spring). My vote is for grape juice. I've been eyeing a wallet in this color....
  4. I vote for grape juice - more versatile and you're less likely to get tired of the color. Plus purple is the It color for fall:yes:
  5. Grape! I love green, but I agree that purple will be more versatile:heart:
  6. grape!
  7. Grape! :yes:
  8. Grape for me!
  9. grape but the green is very cool!
  10. Grape!! It's tdf!!! :tup:
  11. :confused1:Hi,

    I'm confused about the Faridah colours, could you help me?
    Are this bags the same color?

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  12. Grape! So beautiful!
  13. go for the grape!
  14. No bout a-doubt it, GRAPE! :yahoo:
  15. ow I'm alone here but I vote green