which color will I get more use out of

  1. Lets pretend:

    You can get ONE ostrich birkin in either fuschia or vert anis, which would you choose? Can either color be worn year round?
  2. great question FDL! I would go with the vert anis, it really goes with everything: black, brown, navy, white, turquoise...
  3. i would get vert anis over fuschia, i agree it's more a neutral color color! i believe you could use both year round but vert anis is more for all seasons, i believe...
  4. I would vote vert anis too (although I :heart: fuschia)....vert anis can bright and WOW when you need it to be, or more subdued (say paired with browns) when you don't therefore I think it would age with you better.
  5. This is really tough. Both are such great colors in ostrich. For me and my wardrobe, fuchsia works better, but in general I would agree that vert anis is probably more versatile.
    What about bleu roi?
  6. I am a huge vert anis fan so I say vert anis! Not just because I looooove the color but since you phrased your question asking which color you'd get more use out of. I really can't think of a color you couldn't wear it with.
  7. I used to think that vert anis wasn't an everyday color. Ok, so I don't own one...but I do own a JPG Chartruse...which I am using this summer as my everyday bag. It is amazing. The color looks good with everything. So, my vote would be green!
  8. Another vote for Vert Anis..unless you really lean more towards cool jewel tones like purple, deep pinks, and blues in your wardrobe...then fuschia...
  9. Thanks ladies . . . my first thought was the vert anis would be a better fit for me, so i just needed some outside opinions
  10. ^^^ I am going with vert anis too.
  11. Vert anis, definitely, for more wear. I have to admit the fuchsia would tempt me mightily, though!
  12. I think you'd get more wear out ot the Vert Anis. I guess in my mind, it matches with more colours than Fuchsia.
  13. Fuschia ostrich is in higher demand than vert anis ostrich all over the world. And both colours are gorgeous. I think Paris has recently released some vert anis ostrich in small leather accessories and bags. Fuschia .... this has got to wait a bit.

    This is a tough choice. Both are lovely. :drool:
  14. more versatile - vert anis...
    but i'd still get fuschia b/c i LOVE pink!
  15. I love both colors and have both of them in birkin chevre/mysore... Though I am finding more use out of my fuschia right now - hmmm....

    I have seen both colors in ostrich IRL and my only concern is that vert anis in ostrich is much lighter in shade than in other leather and since I have little monsters who love to touch and put stuff in my bags, it is, at this point, not a practical option for me...perhaps when they are bigger....;)